​​Pool and Shelter Rental Information

Please click the link for the Pool and Shelter Rental Policies. If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please email cwramembers@gmail.com


3376 Middlebrook Dr. Clemmons, NC 27012

Clemmons West Recreation Association

Pool Membership

Clemmons West Residents wishing to use the pool facilities must join the Clemmons West Recreation Association and pay an annual fee. Non-residents are also welcome to join by paying the annual fee.

All membership fees are non-refundable. 

If you have not yet joined you can obtain an application by clicking the link.
We are now able to accept membership payments online. To pay online, please click the link below:
https:// cwramembership.square.site.

CWRA Babysitter/Childcare Giver Policy:

If Babysitter/Childcare Givers are added to family memberships, they are only allowed to attend the pool when babysitting without the parents also being at the pool.  If Babysitter/Childcare Givers choose to come to the pool with the parents also in attendance, they are treated as "guests" and would have to pay the $5.00 guest fee and adhere to the 5 visit limit.  Certain special circumstances apply but must be brought to the attention of the CWRA Board for approval.

Children of Babysitter/Childcare Givers are not added to the family membership.  They are considered "guests" and are required to pay the $5.00 guest fee with each visit and adhere to the 5 visit limit.  No Babysitter/Childcare Giver is allowed to visit the pool on their own without a member present.

If a member is a paid designated Babysitter/Childcare Giver they are required to pay the $5.00 guest fee for the children.

No Clemmons West Residents are allowed to visit the pool under the Babysitter/Childcare Giver policy regardless of the situation.